Intervju med skaparna av RPG Tycoon

Intervju med skaparna av RPG Tycoon


Så i början av detta året så bestämde jag mig för att det var dags att göra lite intervjuer med spelutvecklare.

Så vill ni att jag intervjuar andra spelutvecklare skicka in förslag då till press(a), alla förslag är välkomna!

Så här kommer intervjun jag har gjort med skaparna av RPG Tycoon som är på Steam Green Light.
Är du intresserad av RPG Tycoon så kan du köpa det nu och vara med på Early Access och läsa mer om det här!

Texten är på Engelska!

What do you do?
I’m the creative director and sole developer at Skatanic Studios.

When did you get started with playing games (and what was the first game that you remember)?
I’ve always been interested in games ever since I can remember. My dad gave me and old DoS Laptop when I was a toddler and I even remember playing educational games and point and click adventures from such an early age!

How did you get started with developing games?
I used to animate in Flash back in high school. I found out you could programme inside that platform, so after learning how to make a play and pause menu for my animations I began working on interactive adventures and it went from there!

If you weren’t a game developer you would be a…?
I’m actually also a filmmaker, I recently graduated in Media Production at the University of Lincoln. I’ve completed my first feature and am looking to start on the second soon!

Why do you make games?
I love playing games, so I also like making them because sometimes I’m like ”This would be a cool game… Does it exist? No?” Then I start putting something together.

On how many games have you worked on so far?
RPG Tycoon is my first real game. Most stuff I’ve worked on before I’ve never really finished or have just been proof of concepts and demos.

Which game development tools are you using?
I’m using the Starling Game Engine inside of Flash Builder.

Any other recommendations for software? (Project management etc.)
Trello is a great way to plan! Its free to use in your browser and tablet and I use it constantly to keep track of ideas and bugs during development!

What is your favorite platform to develop for?
PC / Mac.

What are the specs of your PC/Mac?
As a gamer and video editor I need a powerful machine so I have an intel I7 4770 3.0ghz desktop with 16GB Ram & a GTX 660 and couple of TB drives for video and games (I’m looking to get the 970 soon, but I’m not sure it’ll fit in my current tower!)
My Macbook is just a simple Macbook Air, I’m not sure of the specs but its the newest cheapest Air. I bought it purely for development and design.

How did you come up with the game’s concept?
I don’t know, I just really liked the idea of a mediaeval management game and not many are out there!

What were your inspirations?
Theme Hospital, Roller Coaster Tycoon, pretty much any of the classic 90’s Sim games!

What inspires you outside of gaming?
Other games, movies and people! If I’m around creative people who are passionate and excited about what they do I love it, it really helps me focus.

How was your game received?
Its getting mixed reviews, but that’s kind of expected with an early access game. I think some people are happy to support the development and be patient whereas others often want much more than they’ll currently get.
Hopefully with future updates and by final release they’ll be content!

How long have you been working on your latest game (and your previous games)?
I started developing the game just before I graduated University. It must have been late April 2014.

How many folks were involved in the making of your game
Just me!

How was your budget for your game?
Low, I’ve only really spent money on the game after first sales. It was something I did as a hobby before I graduated and now I work on it full-time. Its probably cost less than £10,000 so far.

What have you done marketing wise?
Not much, I use social media. I’ll focus on more marketing once the game is more complete.

What went right/wrong during development?
Nothing major has been an issue so far! Fingers crossed it stays that way. Just some bugs and resolution problems which most people would probably face.

What lessons have you learned from developing your game?
Too many to name! I think having a really detailed development plan would be more helpful in the future. I’d also say that most of the community for my game really appreciate the fact that I’m often on the forums responding to posts in a polite and friendly manner. I think its important to remember, especially in early access, that your fans determine the success or failure of your game and to treat them with respect is crucial.

Where do you think the games industry will be in the next 5-10 years?
Games are very quickly becoming more and more mainstream. I love oculus so I’m hoping THAT takes off. Who knows?!

What games did you enjoy playing in 2014?
I loved shadow of mordor that’s probably my game of the year. AC:Unity was really fun too, I didn’t have any issues like others and I usually don’t like assassin creed games. So I was surprised how much I enjoyed that. Sunset overdrive absolutely met my expectations I really hope they make a sequel.
Stick of Truth earlier in the year was fun! There’s way too many to name really, I like a lot of indie games haha.

What is your favorite game at the moment and what makes it special?
I’m playing the crap out of Elite Dangerous right now. I have no idea what I like so much about it but I bought a flight stick just to play it!

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